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How ‘NCIS’ Said Goodbye To David McCallum (And The Surprise Guest Who Showed Up To Pay Last Respects)

NCIS on Monday offered its last appreciation to star David McCallum, who kicked the bucket September 25 at 90 years old.

A fan #1, McCallum was the final unique cast part on NCIS, in which he played a flighty yet exceptionally productive specialist Donald “Ducky Mallard” for a considerable length of time.

As vigorously prodded in the promotions, the episode named “The Accounts We Abandon” opened with Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen, who co-composed the episode) showing up at Ducky’s home to track down his guide — wearing his monogrammed jammies — dead in his bed, with his sweet corgi looking sad in the lobby.

“Kicking the bucket discreetly in your rest isn’t the most terrible approach,” remarks Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) back at the NCIS workplaces, in the wake of wrapping up a call with Scottish parliament who clearly needed to send “a heap of thorns” to respect their local child’s passing.

“He carried on with an extremely lengthy, exceptionally remunerating life, which he would maintain that we should celebrate more than anything,” added Chief Leon Vance (Rough Carroll).

So that is precisely exact thing the episode did — show old scenes from past seasons to recollect the person who once said “we as a whole bite the dust two times; when our bodies give out, and again when are stories quit being told.”

There was a flashback including Leroy Gibbs (Imprint Harmon) with Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). Then came a scene with Ducky and Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), trailed by one with Ducky and Gibbs discussing how the last option never truly shared individual stories at work.

On the whole, there must be a case of the day: the last thing Ducky was dealing with involved a dead warrior named Danny whose name was getting spread by an aggressive councilman named Allan Berger (um, totally unrelated to, we surmise, veteran headhunter Alan Berger). The authority word was that Danny passed on in an Afghan massage parlor, his body loaded with heroin — yet his girl, Serena, thought in any case.

Ducky did as well. The group does some digging and it turns out Danny was a previous protector for Berger, who recently functioned as a worker for hire in Afghanistan and took cash as an afterthought from a nearby heroin activity. When Danny took steps to uncover the trickeries, Berger had Danny killed.

With the case clinched and Danny’s great name reestablished, the group could then continue on toward Ducky’s commemoration. Above all, a shock was coming up for Palmer, who was preparing to convey a tribute. In strolls DiNozzo, who presented to Palmer an extraordinary gift — a tie like what his coach used to wear in the lab.

“He had an old buddy in you,” DiNozzo tells Palmer. The two then head to the remembrance, after Palmer switches the light off in Ducky’s previous work area.

Weatherly hasn’t showed up on CBS since his theatrics Bull finished in 2022. He left NCIS in 2016.

The episode finished with a title card that read, “In memory of our dear companion and partner David McCallum. We will miss you.”

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